Questing on Větruš

The introduction of the new quest in Ústí nad Labem took place on 21 July 2022, at two locations of the Maze on Větruša. In the nature maze, visitors solved a mystery in a natural science quiz. The youngest ones searched for (and counted) hidden animals. At the second station in front of the Mirror Maze, there were specimens of animals, their skulls and feathers. Those interested could also observe invertebrates under a microscope. Natural history information and historical photographs of Větruše complemented the natural attractions.
A total of 148 children and adults attended the event.


In 2022, museum educators and naturalists created models for field trips and a field education program. The excursions led through the Elbe Valley and were attended by dozens of pupils from schools in Ústí nad Labem and the surrounding area. A particularly popular excursion is the walk along the Elbe. Its route leads from the Beneš Bridge to the Masaryk Lock.
The location of the Vrkoč National Natural Monument and the Vaňovské Waterfalls was chosen for the field education programme.