The exhibition „Treasure on the Silver Elbe“ was opened on 19 January 2023 and will run until 31 July 2023. One hundred and ten guests were welcomed by the museum director Václav Houfek, the head of the Natural History Department Václav Beran and the museum moderator Vladimír Cettl.

Photos from the opening:

Photos from the exhibition:

Lectures and guided tours:

21.2.The Elbe, wild and tame – lecture on the fish of the Elbe, Michal Porteš, AOPK, lecture accompanied by a guided tour of the exhibition
30.3. River Islands, Pavel Raška and Vilém Zábranský, Faculty of Arts, UJEP
27.4. Flowers and vegetation of the Elbe Valley, Karel Nepraš, PF, UJEP
23.5. Revitalization and renaturalization of watercourses, Tomáš Just, AOPK