About the project

Recently, the attention of a large part of society has increasingly turned to the natural beauty of the Czech landscapes. Much has already been written about the negative impact of overtourism on mountain sites, but greater pressure on natural heritage is also evident in other ecosystems, especially those that are easily accessible (e.g. suburban forests and meadows). Experts agree that one of the key aspects of protecting these ecosystems is public awareness of the value of the different threatened habitats and the consequences of human activities on nature. In response to this situation, our project aims to raise awareness of the state of the ecosystems in the Elbe Valley among local residents as well as numerous domestic and international visitors, to highlight specific manifestations of general environmental problems in the area and to motivate environmentally friendly behaviour.

The project was supported by the Norway Grants, the „Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change“ programme, call „Reine“ – Raising public awareness on environmental improvement in ecosystems, NF 1.4 – Implementation of awareness raising and educational campaigns on environmental improvement in ecosystems.

Project duration: 1 September 2021 – 30 June 2023
Total eligible expenditure: CZK 1 990 498,19 incl. VAT

Objectives of the project

The aim of our complex project is to raise awareness of the general public, including children and youth, about environmental problems in ecosystems – the model area is the naturally valuable and habitat-diverse Elbe Valley in the vicinity of Ústí nad Labem. The aim of the popular and educational outputs implemented within the project is not only to provide knowledge about the local natural and cultural heritage, but also to increase motivation for environmentally responsible behaviour and biodiversity protection.